When I was a little boy..


I was capturing some of my old pix when i was really that young.. about 3 to 4 years old... and I do miss that time... hehe.. its really nostalgic.. 

I miss my small one 'me'.. T_T

I used to watch 'Sesame Streets' at early morning, with a bottle of milk or two... 'till I asleep again..

My dad bought a yellow tricycle.. just cycling indoor.. I don't know y do I posed like that before.. hehe.. I'm not that naughty when I was child, but I'm being stubborn.. huh..

I was start splashing beach at 4 yrs ol' I guess.. It was at Cherating.. err.. mebi Desaru... Yup, at my family day back then at Desaru.. I don't remember la..


Looking back into my childhood pix, makes me appreciate myself more.. *you should try it too..
BTW, I'll try to improve myself better and better.. so that my little one 'me' won't look down on me.. haha.. OK, aq cakap dengan diri sendiri je.. Just to motivate myself..

Looking different? Yeah.. I'm 20 now...


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1 org yg mengomel...:

محمد رازيق said...

alhamdulillah, dah 20.. salam kenal bro. muka kecik2 mcam korea.

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