Suddenly-suddenly i made it..

>> Assalamualaikum <<

Petang tadi aq gi studio nak wat mock-up Final Project aq.. 
Then, I found a paper on top of a table there... pick my pen and wrote something on it.. (yela.. time tu x de mood ag.... tgh usaha nih..)
at the end, it turn out to be a poem!! haha.. suddenly-suddenly I made a poem.. but ofcos la all about design things.. 

It sounds like this..
(Klo x mo bacer boleyh tutup tab nih.. heheh.. pnjg kot aq mengarut..)


Please get the mood on,
Set the atmosphere,
Though thousands of fairy scent diminished of into thinning air,
Fade away along with the dust...

Sprinkle ideas,
Spread out magically into a masterpiece of artwork,
To be appreciated for,
To be wondered for,
To be adored,
To be enjoyed...

With single hope of purity,
Evil harsh words are not what it deserved,
Because it couldn't even be counted that,
The former is best enough for her...

Please get the mood on,
So that it'll create another atmosphere,
Even beautiful words couldn't match it,
As it was much more...

Artwork is special,
No trash,
No shit,
Designers struggle for it,
Appreciate any artwork,

4.20 pm - Saturday, 24th of Disember, 2011
Lvl 3 StudioROOM,
Maryam Avenue,
UniSZA Gong Badak Campus,
Kuala Terengganu.

Haha.. sekian.. salah grammar bagai sumer dalam tuh..
lantakla.. Then, i continue for my work.. sampai kol 7 cenggitu..
Poyo kan nak wat poem inggeris bagai nih.. 
k...c ya..


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6 org yg mengomel...:

ni lah fathin said...

puisi english!!..XD

qeef... said...

Haha.. ntah betol ke x..

cik wanie Lovela (CWL) said...

dasyat nie kita failed bi :p

アヌムちゃん said...

nasi lemak dalam bahasa jepun eh..

ナシレマク (nashi remaku) la kot..tu cara sebutan dia la.hehee

Frommetoyou said...

aa yg nk cek tu kan, tu buat sendiri ke tukar dkt google translate ke..ade bljr nihongo eh..

Emmet said...

wah, entry yang menarik, blog ni pun lawa, keep up the good work! ;D

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