Baby and me.


Ok, entry yg dikatakan sebelum ni x dapat dikotakan lagi, sebab aq tersangat eksaited biler dapat anak buah first (mcmla aq yg dapat anak..) and as well as becoming an uncle at such young age (lah sgt).. I'm still 20 ok. Entry yg dijanjikan sudah di dalam draft. tunggu masa nak release.. hekhek..

Begini ceritanya.

My parents have a meeting, or sort of a convention event at Kota Bharu, Kelantan on Saturday 31 March 2012. So, we did start our journey before Jumuah prayer, (able to perform the prayer at IIUM) straight to KB. On the way, My mother got a call from her niece living in Johor, mentioning that she meet my sister (living in Johor Bharu) by a chance at a hospital there.. Seems that my kak ngah x sempat nk bgtau kot my mom yg die ada rasa contraction, terus cek kat hospital. But then, she just got 2 cm opening, the staff ask her to wait at home first (and bagi alasan yg hospital didn't have enough bed yet). Lepas dapat berita, kami adik-beradik baca doa ramai-ramai minta Allah permudahkan kak ngah bersalin. It is about 3 weeks earlier than the expected date.

After Maghrib prayer, she had labour pain (and air ketuban pecah and so on la..).
So, at 9.17 pm, a baby boy has born into this world with a weight of 2.18kg.
Even though he seems to be a lil bit small (biasala anak sulong..) but he's perfectly in the pink of health! Alhamdulillah..

His name is Muhammad 'Afif Fawwaz bin Muhammad Muzakkir.

Umur 3 hari. Suka tidur and making faces.

Moga kamu menjadi anak soleh dan mujaheed Islam.. ^^

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