Wrapping all up..

>> Assalamualaikum <<

I'm really tired today,out of energy after struggling up on my final project..

After about a few month of my hiatus on this blog, I've decided to write something..
Even just for a little thing.. Trying to wrapping up all of events occasionally happen from my last post 'till today... (as far as I could remember la..)

The NST-Peugeot Design Competition

After my last post about the (bad) poem I wrote by myself, I've received the result of the NST-Peugeot Design Competition that I've already mention before, here.

I didn't get to be one of those finalist to compete for the next stage (presenting ur car with scale model) and go to Paris.. It's okay, and in fact I'm happy about it as I know myself that I couldn't afford and able to do THREE project for this final semester.. 2 compulsory project is enough for me.. *sigh.. eventhough I didn't think that I could make it to pass my final semester.. T_T

FYI, the car that I've designed for the competition with my partner, Nor Fatehah, was a compact MPV. 

Mebi the MPV wasn't that cool.. Or it didn't hit the specific qualification needed (even though there's no such qualification noted ever amongst the term)..

NVM, maybe our turn will come later on, Allah know the best.. BTW, all the best for those 3 groups chosen from UniSZA.. support y'all!!

(ini adalah teaser salah satu kereta yg dihantar kt pejabat NST Bangsar pada 17 Feb 2012. Full pic hanya boleh diupload kepada public setelah result keluar. -Anticipated!-)


Taekwondo ITF National Tournament Terengganu 2011

As promised,on December 2011; I got a job of MC'ing a national event - Taekwondo ITF National Tournament Terengganu.

(ini adalah gmbar belakang semasa Setiausaha Politik MB Terengganu sedang berucap)

There's a lil bit conflicts and havocs happening before we run the event. Me and my partner got bit confused and alerted to whom will we be greeted for, what honorific name would be used for the VIPs; as at first it was planned that Dato' Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister of Youth and Sports of Malaysia will officiate the events, which later on turned to be officiated by Chief Minister of Terengganu, Dato' Seri Hj Ahmad bin Said. At the end of the day, The Political Secretary of CM of Terengganu was the one who able to come; as the others have pack schedule to be filled for. He is Datuk Wan ahmad Nizam bin Wan Abd Hamid.. 

err.. it's boring here to explain such boasting and governmental "thing" huh.. =='

BTW, this event doesn't really as prestige as the previous tournament I've ran before (here), as it was tabulated for two days tournament... Such a tiring event, though it was meaningful perhaps..  

(Sgt penat utk 2 hari mengacara kejohanan.. ~~)

the best part of this tournament (Black Belt fighters) is the "perfomance" category. Each team from each state will have to make a Martial Art perfomance + some acting skills.. I was interested on Selangor's team as they imitate on drama-like perfomance on field; in which it was a triangle love drama with some martial art effect.. It was cool, but unable to record it.. *sigh..

(Percaya x, budak pakai gaun pink tu budak lelaki, siap ada buah dada sekali.. sgt hilarious derg punyer perfomance)

Lastly, the winner for the tournament goes to Sarawak's team!.. Congrats guyz..

After those tiring days, we're going back to campus (as the tournament take place at Kemaman district) in a tiresome journey. Thanks to UniSZA for not giving us any ride for us.. so pathetic!
We end up that nite at McD to release and relieve stress...

(Menyesal order McFrizz tuh.. ~~)


The Holiday + [NEW] PPAS-Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor's new Library at Shah Alam

Olrite, here comes the hols.. FYI, it was a mid semester break, means I've already half way to be graduated.. Yepii!! (Alhamdulillah.. ^^)
I do enjoy the hols, evntho it wasn't that long.. I do (damnly) miss (right now) those Koi Carp fishes at a pond in front of my home.. They alwys joyfully swimming and asking for foods in every morning.. Miss themm so much!!

(Nampak x ader goldfish antara koi tuh.. asal ader 3, tapi tinggal 1 je survive)

They've been pet for about 3 years.. Proud of them la.. coz they all are cute..

On the last day at home, I do manage to go to the all-new library in the town, being promoted as the most sophisticated in the country so far. It was the Public Library of Selangor a.k.a Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda, nearby the Royal Golf Club of Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah. It was so majestic to be located at the heart of the town (and by the lake)..

Let the pic do the talk..

They were also claiming that the library would be the second home.. Okay acceptable, because no slippers, sneaker, flip-flop or shoes allowed to be worn at the reading and carpet area. But, bring lots of coins here, you'll damnly need it to store ur bag in the locker.

Love Shah Alam.. 


The Along's Wedding Ceremony

Finally, my along ends his bachelor age and becoming someone's husband. IDK how to express my happiness about it.
He is married with Kak Marhamah, introduced and recommended by my elder sister (already married as being mention here) to my mother.

The Solemnization Ceremony
Cabang Tiga, Kuala Terengganu

(Somehow, aq menjadi photographer x bertauliah sekali lagi.. haha..)

The Feast Ceremony
Jalan Kebun, Shah Alam

(Malam sebelum kenduri belah laki, ni gmba adek aq posing depan gerbang bunga yg aq buat mlm tu jgk.. ekspress..)

(Mak cik Ton and family..) ^^


At the end, it's a really fun and tiresome day.. 
May Allah bless on you along and ur new life.

p/s: Custom Album along x siap ag.


The Final Project of last semester

It was  the last semester. So, I've got 2 final projects to be done and presented.

First, it was two term of project which includes a heavy research. I chose to design a Smart Trolley for blinds - so that those blinds could able to shop at shopping complexes.

Second, the industrial design subject, we were assigned to design a bike. I chose a freeride mountain bike under the Jack Wolfskin brand identity - evntho Jack Wolfskin nvr ever produce any bike.

(Lambat giler nak siap beskal nih.. satu ag projek pon x gerak ag.. mampus aq..)


I bet that this is the longest post I've ever wrote, saved in the draft for 'bout 2 days.


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