Wake me up...

>> Assalamualaikum <<
(jap jawabnyer aper?)

Setelah sekian lamer aq memerhatikan diri aq, perangai aq semakin teruk di mana aq berasa semakin malas dalam serba-serbi. I'm just realize right now that I'm still dreaming, playing around in my own imagination, saying that everything is just good enough, without struggling for another big step of effort to put my paradigm at another horizon. I couldn't agree more that I didn't improved for any achievement at the previous couple of semester.. I should do something, without leaving any hopes on others, (alas, all this while it seems like I was standing and climbing all the way by myself thou..)... just to "wake up" again.. 

Please get sober, Qeef..

(pehal tetiber speaking london nih.. err.. neway, I hate typo!!keeps repeating it.. )

Hope this will motivate me.. 
and others yang masih raser mcm aq gak.. haha.. (betapa poyonyer aq...)

Salam Ramadhan..
10 terakhir nih.. kene cepat kejar wat ibadah ag..


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