Separuh mati.

>> Assalamualaikum <<

It's 4.00 am in the morning. Aq balik bengkel pukul 3.45 am tadi. I'm almost crying, as I'm exhausting.

At the first place, bukan entry ni yg aq nak post, tapi oleh kerana aq rasa mcm nk luah perasaan, maka aq pon menulis. (OK, memang aq x terfikir cara lain utk meluahkan, tiada makwe, and no trusted peers to listen to me yet..)

Sudahlah kebelakangan ini byk sungguh ujian yang Allah beri pada aq, aq harus tabah. 

Projek utk final year student memang GILA. Kalau ada sesiapa yang ada BF or GF yg amek course IDe nih, please bear with them, they've really crazy schedule to be dealt for. If they ignore ur call, it means, they're moody, tired and busy to cope with their project. It's important to hold onto them, as they really need support. Be well understanding with their situation is the vital point.

I'm right now working on my final project, while pausing my industrial design project (the MTB one) for a moment.

iRiS - It is a smart trolley assisting blinds while shopping. 

(Taken on 1st March)

(6 days later - 6th March 2012)

Lihatlah betapa lembabnye progress aq, Walau pon hari-hari pegi bengkel, balik rumah 4-5 pagi..
Aq terasa sgt bodoh kerana aq x mampu buat kerja selaju mereka.

Our so-called-drama-day, a.k.a as the Assessment Day will be on this 13th - 14th March. It's anticipated to be held at the college foyer. If u wanna see kitorg kena bakar and maki hamun pada hari tersebut, silalah ke Foyer Kolej Asrama pada hari tersebut. Design showcase bagi korg adalah hari paling seksa bagi kami untuk ditempuhi.

Ya Allah, I'm appreciate how strong I am right now.

Aq buat kerja separuh mati. Mereka semua buat kerja juga separuh mati.
Walaupon kami nmpk enjoy di mata korg, tapi itu adalah lakonan kami utk mereleasekan stress..

But we do enjoy designing.

Good Luck buat mereka yang beruntung kerana ada paper time exam nih. Beruntung.

p/s: Today is not my Wordless Wednesday.

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