Nak Petua Hawt?: Sebagai pekerja baru...

>> Assalamualaikum <<

Okeyh.. I'm blogging while working, using my colleague's computer, (therefore, there's not much desired picture to be uploaded in this entry.. *sigh..) as I'm a freshman and there's not much assignment to be done..

kemudian dtg satu idea nk tulis psl tips pekerja baru, or even pekerja lamer pon boleyh praktis, yg mner aq tlh mengambil secara haram drpd partition K. Nuhar (designer kat cnie..)

Tips ni hanyer untuk dikongsi, berkesan ke tak terpulang la kan.. Sharing is caring kterkan.. 

okesh, below is the so-called-good-tips list:

1. Study the environment

Rajah 1: Tak kesah la korg keje ape pon,, asalkan halal, ye tak??

Study ur work environment whether is it comfortable enough, really suits with ur career, how do people control with it,  and etc...

then, to make it more comfortable, rearrange ur working area to suit with ur taste.. so that it'll making and waking up ur mood (blablabla..)

but, make sure it doesn't destruct other people.. yeah..

2. Study the poeple

Rajah 2:  Jgn mengumpat sudah..

I'm not saying about studying their anatomy; unless u're in medical field, but observe their habit and softskill, because u've got to counter with them everyday, and have to tackle them wisely. A first good impression about urself at the first day of working is much vital than ur skill, because skill could be developed later on..

3. Play safe

Always stay safe, behave urself, and don't ever overdo urself.. 
(smer ke tak play safe ngan stay safe?? )

BTW,, oleh kerana semalam time tgh tulis entry nih working time, x sempat nk post dah ader org panggil, so, ari cuti ni jelah post..

next entry aq akan citer pasal tempat keje aq.. hekhek..
x byk pon boleyh citer..


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