Projek Design 1...

Projek first ntuk sem nih... Strawberry plucker.. a.k.a. Strawberry fruit-picker - pick-a-berry..

Criteria: - Easy to handle
- Ergonomics
- Easy storage

Target user:
- Tourist
(Strawberry Farm - self-plucking strawberry farm)

Colour recommendation: Red and Yellow

Project status: Finished by final mock up.
Lecturer in view: En. Shahrul Anuwar bin Mohamed Yusof.

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1 org yg mengomel...:

AMY MATOTO said...

thaqif! finally...
walaupon mockup xseberapa hebat mcm diorang...
aku gembira dgn hasil kerja aku..

p/s: Nikmati hidup sepuasnya :P

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